• Tim Hooper

Increasing the Talent Pool/Employment options with Work from Home moving forward

No doubt you will have read already plenty of posts talking about working from home, advantages and disadvantages, how to increase productivity working from home and staying connected with your peers during Covid-19, which is great. I say that because whilst many firms will be looking at how they resume operations again in their offices, they will also be thinking about how many staff return at the same time, and what approaches work best.

For the purpose of this blog I'll leave that out as not one approach fits all , and particularly given the differences between industries, much will need to be considered. However, one added advantage employers can use in terms of hiring moving forward, is to consider previously where the physical office location made it difficult to attract candidates to their role. Put simply, the daily commute was just too far. For candidates and employers alike, sometimes what could otherwise be a great match doesn't work for this reason. Perhaps this is an opportunity for those companies that are able to offer flexibility of working from home even once or twice a week, to entice candidates that would have said no to the role had it been a daily commute five days a week.

For an employer to be able to offer this flexibility may be another you can gain an edge in attracting talent, whilst for candidates it may enable increased visibility in terms of career opportunities.

Tim Hooper